Fashion Friday!! - Prime & Fine Smoothing Refiner | Camouflage Cream by Catrice Cosmetics Review

   I have splurged quite a bit the past month.
   And yes, I am admittedly guilty of that.
   But then again, as to defend myself, the things that I bought weren't exactly all too expensive, and apparently, that made me indulge more and more that it all began to add up! Anyway, I'm definitely excited to do a review on a few things that I first managed to get my hands on.
   So I was strolling around rather aimlessly at a SM Department store around the second week of March, and I of course, went around the makeup department. That was when I decided to go to Catrice Cosmetics's stall, considering I wanted to see what lip liner shades they have available (I have the "010 Walnut Grove" as you guys know, which is definitely one of my favorites but they're already phased out - please bring them back so I can buy more!!), but then I ended up checking out this concealer pot that definitely intrigued me. Afterwards, I saw this huge primer pot, and I did not take any second thoughts before I tried to swatch them on.

1. Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner


   I haven't exactly used primers - or more appropriately put, owned one. I figured that I actually did not need it, but I was fairly intrigued when I saw this at their stall. It came in a plastic pot, with a screw on cap, and it fits right at the palm of my hands, which I must say was quite larger in size than any facial products I've had that came in pots. The issue here however, is that you have to use your hands, which can be quite unhygienic, but for such a bargain price of P499, I'd take it! ;)
   The texture's very soft and smooth and creamy. You could see that there's a hint of pink-ish tone to the product itself, but I assure you that once it's blended, it'll be clear. In fact, I think it's that certain tone that somehow brightens the face a bit, which happens to mine once I've applied it. Apparently, that's what I need considering how I sleep late, and it makes my skin rather patchy in a way. So once I've applied this product, it actually makes me look more awake and fresh. :)
   Now, I'm not sure on their claim of "makes pores and lines invisible" because somehow that did not happen - and not that I would expect it to, obviously - but it did make my face smooth and refined, and it did make my pores look smaller. I also love how it's light-weight and it made my complexion even.
   So for a first-time buyer of primers - which I'm not exactly all too savvy with - I must say that this was a good yet experimental purchase. And judging by the size of this product, I don't think I'll be able to finish this pot anytime soon, considering how I hardly use primers. But now that I've written this review, this certainly serves as a reminder that I should use this more often, lol.

  • Overall packaging is lightweight & elegant
  • Easily glides on skin
  • Refines pores and makes the skin smooth
  • Brightens my face which makes me look fresh
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal scent that you can hardly notice after application
  • Affordable
  • Would have been better if it was in a pump bottle
  • Probably not. And considering how big this pot is, it won't be a while until I finish it. However, I think that when I finally do so, I'd probably explore more primer options. ;)


2. Camouflage Cream


   I'm definitely a fan of cream concealers, and lately, I've been using Essence's Camouflage Cream Concealer (which is a sister company of Catrice Cosmetics) but I ran out already and I found myself buying BYS's Liquid Concealer (it wasn't pretty good, but I'm just used to creams). So when I found the one in Catrice Cosmetics that came in this small plastic pot with a screw on cap, I knew that it definitely had more product than the one in Essence and the one in liquid from BYS. But of course, I had to try it out first, and when I swatched at the back of my hand, I was amazed at how rich the consistency and how pigmented the product was. Usually, I'd have to dab my finger around for a while to get the right amount of product, but with this concealer, I only dabbed my finger lightly, and I was able to get as much of the product and I was good to go. It spreads on and can be blended easily, and the coverage is nothing but fantastic! I was so amazed because I didn't expect it to be that good for something that costs P299.00 and it's definitely a great deal! I got the shade "020 Light Beige" because as you guys know, I don't like my concealer to be too light. Perhaps a shade lighter would be okay to be used as a highlighter, or I get the exact shade of my skin tone.
   When I finally had the chance to try it on my face, I was in love! It concealed my under eye circles so well, and it didn't even feel like it weighed down on my face. It's an unexpectedly heavy duty concealer, and no wonder, this is one of their best sellers because they didn't lie when they said "full coverage"! Other than that, of course, the staying power is amazing as well! I remember putting some on before going to the beach, and it didn't even budge! How awesome is that?


  • Overall packaging is lightweight, and elegant
  • A lot of product comes with the package
  • Easily glides on skin
  • Can be easily blended
  • Very rich and pigmented
  • Conceals very well even with just an ample amount
  • True to description of having full coverage
  • Long-lasting
  • Very affordable
  • None
  • Definitely YES


Prime & Fine Smoothing Refiner
Camouflage Cream
Sample of the Camouflage Cream on my under eye circles. :)) 

   So thank you guys for reading this post! I hope you loved it, and that it was helpful for you to try these products out! Oh and perhaps you guys can recommend me some good primers, too! After all, I'm not exactly all too keen on that area, but oh well... Help a fellow makeup enthusiast out? ;) 
   Nevertheless, I hope you all have a great Fashion Friday!! 
   As always, TGIF, indeed!

*Disclaimer: The products I review are purchased with my own money. These products are not sponsored whatsoever unless said otherwise.* 

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