Music Monday!!

   I know, I know...
   I've been gone far too long.
   I keep forgetting that I'm supposed to do a scheduled post for Music Monday, and even up to today, I still forgot to! So apparently, this is not a scheduled one, and I'm trying to squeeze this in for the day considering how I'm absolutely behind with my posts. Nevertheless, I'm here now to make up for my absence - as always. ;)
   So last January (good God, see how behind I am?), when I featured Wet yet again, I did tell you that their album, "Don't You" was already available for pre-order. But a few weeks later, around the end of the month, I was so ecstatic because it finally dropped! I've been waiting for their debut album since 2014, so you can only imagine how excited I was to finally have it! And apparently, for the weeks ahead, I've been so addicted to it, that I simply kept playing it again and again! 
   I've got more than a few favorites from the album, which as always, I've managed to share with you all below. I do have to admit that I found myself singing "Weak," for quite some time when it grew on me and got stuck in my head! Thanks for that Wet! Though, I have no regrets whatsoever. The long wait was absolutely worth it, and the album was deliciously heart-breaking and haunting, that I have no other feeling but love for it!
   So yes, if you have been waiting for this just as long as I have, or if you're new into this whole Wet scene, then have at it below! You can get their album on iTunes

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