Paradox - How Soon Is Now?

Sunday, April 17, 2016


I relish in the fact that I am your pressure point.
Your weakness.
Yet I never realized how you are mine as well.
How you are my pressure point.
My weakness.

And in these times, I realize how love is associated with pain.
With yearning.
With nothing but sheer ecstasy and euphoria.
Only to be mixed with sadness and anger.

How you fill the void of the shadows deep within my heart.
With nothing but light and elation.
How you leave me dark and empty once disappointment engulfs you.
In turn, I am filled with nothing but dread and a heavy heart.
Unwilling to feel anything else but to ease your pain.
Then let myself be succumbed into my own misery.

Could this really be love? I wonder.
But perhaps it must be.
Because the joys of having you in my life cannot be compared to anything.
It is you and only you that could drive me with this all-consuming love and passion.
Making me weak enough to my core and still find strength in holding on.
To make all these paradoxes tangle together into sensible chains.
And then leave me in a state of utter yet wonderful...

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