Fashion Friday!! - L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss Review

   I've been gone far too long, I know.
   Everytime I have to take photos to prepare for this review, I find myself doing other things which led me to ultimately completely forget about this. I know, I suck. But nevertheless, I am here to finally deliver this long-awaited review!
   So a few months ago, when I purchased Colourpop Ultra Matte, I also ordered two of L.A. Girl's Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss. They cost less than Colourpop does, and I was able to buy them for only P260 pesos each (but I got a discount from Shopee, so I got them for lesser than that), and it was definitely a fast transaction! They came into the mail the very next day after the seller shipped it, which took two days all in all!
   I was simply curious as to why some people have been raving about this particular lip product - amongst them was my very own sister - so I decided to get them as well. I thought it'd give me some variety with the whole liquid lipsticks thing. Anyway, after researching for swatches, I decided to get the shades "Fleur," which is this warm nude, peachy color, and "Bazaar" which is this fuchsia color that really stands out, without being too overpowering. The moment I received the package (again, making me feel as if somebody sent me a present, when really, I bought it myself, lol) I immediately tried it and as always, I did a live review on Snapchat which you guys would've seen if you're following me there (UN: msdearlady).

"Blurring the lines between lipstick and lip gloss, Matte Pigment Gloss has already become a favorite of makeup artists, blogger and fans. These 16 bold shades provide rich, intense color in a flat finish for all day wear. The long wearing formula goes on as a high pigmented liquid and dries to a flat matte finish. Leaving lips colored in gorgeous velvety perfection that last and lasts."

   Upon application, I found myself loving the packaging, which is this jumbo, see-through plastic container with a screw cap on. The design is sleek and light-weight, and the brush applicator was actually quite easy to maneuver than the applicator from Colourpop. There was a hint of scent, but it's very minimal post-application. Other than that, I was very impressed at how pigmented the colors are, even if I had to build the product by swiping it twice to get the right color. I don't know though, why they called this "Pigment Gloss", because they have this liquid texture and they dry matte afterwards.
   They're not "gloss" if you ask me.
   But what I didn't love about this particular product is the fact that once it dries, the texture is very tacky, especially when I press my lips together. So that was definitely the downside for me, and I was disappointed. That's actually the reason why I find myself reaching for other lip products I have whenever I put my makeup on. The lasting power however, was really impressive for its inexpensive price. It's waterproof, transfer-proof, and even smudge-proof. It took more than a couple of hours before some patchiness happened, and this was due to the fact that I was eating greasy food.
   Not bad!
   I do have to say that my favorite would definitely be "Fleur." As far as I love the color though, it does drown out my complexion a bit. So I was able to come to a compromise by layering a similar shade of lip liner underneath. I found that with this method, the tackiness lessened, and considering that it was matte, it also became less drying on the lips. Again, I suggest that you guys exfoliate your lips before putting any matte lipstick - especially if you're not used to such texture, because trust me, you'd end up disliking the sensation.


  • Packaging is sleek and simple
  • Easily glides on lips
  • Applicator is easy to maneuver
  • Colors are rich and pigmented
  • Dries matte
  • Transfer-proof
  • Smudge-proof
  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting 
  • Inexpensive
  • Leaves a tacky texture on the lips
  • Can become patchy over time especially when exposed to food and fluids
  • No. I would explore other liquid lipstick options.


Top: Bazaar
Bottom: Fleur
Left: Wearing Fleur; Right: Wearing Bazaar

   And that ends my quick review! I didn't separate them considering I didn't see much difference when it came to their pigmentation. With that said however, would you be trying these lip products? I actually haven't found the right brown undertone shade that I was telling you guys on my previous review, but I'm planning to order some of the famous MeNow Kiss Proof Soft Lipsticks in a few days, so definitely stay tuned for that! 
   For now, I wish you all a happy Fashion Friday!! 
   TGIF, indeed!

*Disclaimer: The products I review are purchased with my own money. These products are not sponsored whatsoever unless said otherwise.* 

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