Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   I've got a few weeks left to have my Summer Playlist edition, and I'm more than willing to squeeze it in before summer officially ends! Though, I don't know about you, but the blazing hot weather isn't exactly comforting during the day (unless you're under the A/C most of the time, which I'd say, kudos to you), so I'm more than willing too, to bid this season a goodbye!
   Nevertheless, my rotting playlist is no longer rotting. I'm actually quite surprised however, at how incredibly chill it is. So without further ado, I should probably save all this rambling and get started!
   I remember featuring Gallant last October for Fashion Friday, and I did mention then that he was currently working on his debut album. Well, after a few months of waiting, he finally released it last April. Apparently, you could only imagine how ecstatic I was, other than the fact that I had to prepare myself to be hit right in the feels because of his album. But I do have to say that he delivered oh so very well, I was absolutely in love with it!
   So as always, I've compiled my favorites in a playlist below for your listening pleasure. And if you couldn't get enough - in which, you probably wouldn't be able to - you can always get his album, "Ology" on iTunes.
   Have a Happy Music Monday! ;)

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