Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   After posting last week, I decided to update my playlist yet again considering as how I was randomly scrolling through Soundcloud. You would think that after saying that my playlist had been incredibly chill that I would simply choose more upbeat songs, but apparently not. In fact, I'm sticking to that kind of vibe for a while, I think.
   When Johnrey sent me a sudden message a few weeks ago. he told me to search for this English artist named, Ella Mai from London. So after I did, I found her single "No Rush," and immediately fell in love with it! I was totally digging her whole '90s R&B vibe, and kept playing her "Time EP" on repeat! I also realized that it was the song that Kylie Jenner kept playing on her Snapchat, too. It's too awesome not to love, along with the fact that her songs will definitely make you sing along with feelz.
   And that was exactly what I did, lol.
   As always though, I've compiled my favorites from her in a playlist for your hearing pleasure. Check it out below, and have a happy Music Monday!!

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