Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   Isn't it awkward though that I'm doing my Summer Playlist, and yet the season seemed to have already begun to flit away with sudden rain showers and gloomy days? Yeah well, whatever. I've still got another week before all you lot go back to school, and by then, we can officially declare that summer is over, lol.
   So anyway, a few months ago, I was more than ecstatic when Charli XCX launched her new record label, "Vroom Vroom Recordings" and also released the "Vroom Vroom EP." Am I proud of our girl to know that she had finally launched her own label? Well, damn right, I am! I definitely look forward to the artists that'll sign with her, and what they'll bring to the table.
   I do have to say that I have two favorites from the EP. First of course, is "Vroom Vroom." It was definitely refreshing to hear, yet all so Charli-esque too, that you wouldn't be able to resist but fall in love considering it's just so catchy! There's just something so sweet and chill, all whilst maintaining a bit of grit and 'tude in it - who wouldn't want to blast this song while driving their "sporty" to have a good time? Last but definitely not the least, she maintained the 'tude that I oh so love with my second favorite, "Secret (Shh)" where she sings about an S/O that "no one gets to know about."
   You guys will get it once you have at it below!
   The EP is posted on the label's Soundcloud account, and they're only two-minute previews, but I assure you that you'll be able to get the rest of the good stuff on iTunes. ;)

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