B-Bomb - How Soon Is Now?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


   Under normal circumstances, the fact that your birthday is only a week away, you'd probably start planning for it and feeling excited. In my case however, I try to avoid it as much as possible, but apparently, I couldn't. After all, I'm not exactly much of a fan of it - as I've already told you guys before - but I do have to say that ever since the streak ended last year, I've grown to detest it less.
  Emphasis on the "less," and definitely not "completely."
  There have been a few people who've acknowledged its looming arrival, and there have been a few people who've asked what my plans were. Should you be surprised that I'm not exactly planning anything for it? Nor do I even want to do anything at all? I mean, before I've at least known what I've wanted to do, but now I'm just like, "Meh." And usually, my response to such claims or questions is a loud scoff or a begrudging grunt. But now, I do think that I have to start thinking about it, which is why I found myself writing this particular post.
   Yeah, I know. So much for trying to avoid it...
   But anyway, most of the time when I try to envision myself coming up with a plan, it starts off with my outfit. What I want to wear or what I feel like wearing, then the next thing I envision is my surroundings and the whole ambiance that I'd want to particularly feel - other than the caprice of the company I'd want to celebrate with. It's ridiculous, I know. But you do realize now how this certain scenario in my head never happens like, ninety-nine percent of the time, right? Exactly. The thing is though, I think it'd be very interesting to write about. After all, what better way to find amusement than to make an ass out of my very own thought process? :)
   So anyway, I've got it all visioned out - if such terms actually do exist, in which, my guess is that it doesn't, but whatever. Of course, my outfit should be appropriate for the venue that I'd choose to go to, say for a celebratory dinner at a quaint restaurant or food place. Fortunately however, my clothes mostly consist of basic pieces in neutral colors such as my faves: black, white and gray - which most of you already know, that I'm sure - so I can just dress them up and down with a cardigan or jacket and a pair of heels, boots, or my personal favorite nowadays, mandals. Makeup would probably just come to me and my mood as it usually does.
  I'm feeling a bit quaint and intimate with the place I'd choose to go to, with very few friends, great conversation, and something that feels rather cozy with warm lights - y'know, that sort of ambiance. During this thought process of envisioning something, I've come to realize that there are only three things that I want on that day (I prefer not to mention the B-bomb considering I already did; I find it quite irritable, like some itch I'd rather just not scratch): 1) Some cake, of course, preferably one of my favorites, 2) Wine, red if you will, and sweet. Last but definitely not the least, 3) A pair of shoes, preferably the ones that I saw the other day and completely fell in love with.
   Frankly, I could think of a few more things that I'd want; possibilities are endless. For one, I could definitely ask for cash, but that'd be quite a bore, because I obviously always need it. Who doesn't, right? I could ask for many things, but I'd rather stick to the simple pleasures. In fact, I've got one on top of my head, but I prefer to just keep that to myself. ;) But I realized that the more I dwell into this decade of my life, the more I've grown to love them. Not that I never did, but I did used to yearn so much more for things out of my reach.
   Now I just couldn't give a flying fuck about them.
   The most mundane of things can matter more and be extraordinary in ways we'd probably never realized, than to take it for granted by wishing it to be something else. And I'd honestly rather cherish that and turn it into something magical. So there, that's what I happened to envision for my B-bomb. Lol. Now that I say it that way, it seems rather silly and amusing, but oh well...
   Let's all find amusement in that, because I assure you, I can almost guarantee that this vision won't come to life - as most of the things don't the way we imagine them to be. Quite cynical, I know, but also very true. ;)

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