Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   Apparently, our summer edition is short-lived, considering this'll be the last day of Summer for you lot! I know that sucks, but I'm actually sort of excited for the rainy season. Not exactly the flood and the tropical storms, but of course, I just want to have a bit of some cold weather to go on, lol.
   Anyway, considering that I do owe you guys half of the season for what was supposedly the summer edition of Music Monday, I decided that I'm gonna go out with a bang by creating a playlist for you from Soundcloud. I was actually planning on using Spotify to create that playlist, but apparently, some of the songs I have on my current playlist aren't even available there yet - which sucks, by the way. But oh well, I'm still delivering to you a bunch of fresh tracks that are so chill, it doesn't matter if it's a sunny day or not.
   You're welcome.
   Now, I do have to say that I've majorly fallen in love with them. I've got a few of my favorites from OKAY-KAYA, a Norweigan artist based on New York, with "Damn, Gravity" and "I'm Stupid (But I Love You)" that hits you right in the feels. There's also one from NAV with "Myself" which Kylie Jenner kept playing on her Snapchat, considering it's also one of her favorite songs. And damn, it's so catchy, you're definitely going to get hooked. There's BOYBOY, an artist or band that remains to be a mystery by maintaining their anonymity, but with amazing tracks such as "BOY" and "VICES," who would mind but enjoy their music? And of course, I can't leave out the Toronto-based artist that is PLAZA, with "Reasons." I had to drop a comment on his song on Soundcloud and ask what the lyrics to the song are so I can sing along with it, and three days later, he replied and gave it to me. Isn't that wonderful? I know I was definitely delighted, considering as how now I can sing along to the exact words and not just gibberish, lol.
   And now, I hand it all over to you below! There are plenty of others that I've fallen in love with, and I just hope that you'll enjoy them!
   Happy Music Monday!!

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