Music Monday!!

   And we're back to regular...
   For some reason, a lot of my favorite artists or bands are releasing their new stuff this year. First, there was Wet, then there was St. Lucia, Santigold, Charli XCX, The Heavy, Gallant, Beyonce, Band of Skulls, Clarens with his new EP, and of course, just a few weeks ago, there was The Kills. Apparently, not only am I overly ecstatic about them, but I just cannot wait to share my favorites with you! I've got a couple more albums to look forward to though, such as Shura's much-awaited debut album which will be released next month, and Deap Vally's, which will be released on September. What I'm also ecstatic about however, was the fact that even though there are my favorite artists and bands, I'm still able to discover new ones too!
   Let me enlighten you...
   By the end of May, one of my favorite English singers, Kate Nash tweeted that she just released a new song with this indie Los Angeles-based, Brat Pop duo, HOLYCHILD. Of course, the moment I checked "Rotten Teeth" out and was engulfed in its pop goodness and catchy, feel-good beat, I was in love. And apparently, I was definitely intrigued with this duo that I've never heard of before. Besides, what was this new genre they called their music anyway?
   What was Brat Pop?
   In a recent interview from Spin, they answer just that:

“Brat Pop is sarcastic pop art,” says Nistico. “It aims to understand our culture’s obsession with perfection, money, fame, beauty, self, and how that shapes us. It’s my whole life and everything in it.”

  I don't know about you, but that definitely piqued my interests. So the next thing I knew, I had their debut album, "The Shape Of Brat Pop To Come..." that was released last year, and was listening to it over and over. I do have to say though, that my favorite from the album is "Money All Around." I just loooved how mocking the whole video and the song was, besides being this catchy party anthem. I do think that their concept is pretty amazing and that's also one of the reasons why I immediately loved them, considering I'm up for anything fun and ironic.
   Without further ado however, I bring them to you below. A fair warning though, they're pretty NSFW, so be aware of your surroundings (I wouldn't want your parents or whatever, to see this, lol) before you watch them. Other than that, do enjoy!
   Happy Music Monday!!

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