Music Monday!!

   Another Monday already?
   Apparently so...
   Now, I did mention the previous week that Band of Skulls released their fourth album, "By Default" by the end of last month, and of course, I'm just glad to have them back on my current playlist. After all, for the past few years, I have featured them for Music Monday a couple of times already, and you guys know very well how much I've been a fan of them since the beginning.
   I noticed how heavier their sound has become for this particular album, but apparently, that doesn't make me love it any less. In fact, I love it even more. The heavy guitar riffs really does pump you up, and makes you want to head bang along with them. I definitely have to say that my top favorite from the album would be "Black Magic" and of course, their single, "Killer." So below, as always, I've compiled my faves in a playlist for your listening pleasure.
   And if this doesn't get you pumped enough, you can always get "By Default" on iTunes. ;)

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