Fashion Friday!! - INSTALOOK

   It's been forever. I know!
   When was the last time I've done an INSTALOOK post? Last year? I know. I suck at this. So I've come to make up for it by updating you. Time had flown since then, and I realize how I haven't been up to posting Fashion Fridays that much. What the fuck, right? Besides, there have been more than few fashionable changes I've made, such as getting my hair cut a few times, dying it a few times, purchasing a lot of other makeup products (which you've already witnessed first-hand, lol), and trying out new styles. 
   So I bring them to you below! And stay tuned for the next! 


  • Caption: "Candlelight..."

  • Caption: "Sunglasses on."

  • Caption: "When a book cover matches one's nails... I couldn't resist."


  • Caption: "Before I get it all chopped off..."

  • Caption: "Officially chopped." 

  • Caption: "When you're tired and sleepy, and it feels as if the couch is engulfing you deep in its comfortable cushions..."



  • Caption: "Merry Christmas from J & M ;)"

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