Music Monday!!

   Due to the incredibly fucked up weather we got going on, with the sudden rain showers - then to the extremely hot humidity, such as the one today, I couldn't help but fantasize of spending this day at the beach...
   If only.
   So perhaps a song to remind us of that, would actually be good. A few months ago, Slow Club released a single called "Ancient Rolling Sea" for their next album, "One Day All of This Won't Matter Anymore" that will be released on August. And apparently, the vibe is so chill and so perfect for lounging by the shore, that I simply couldn't resist. It's definitely on my favorites from my currently-rotting-playlist. It's just so refreshing to hear from all the synths and heavy guitar riffs of the other songs I have on there.
   It's like a cool breeze on a hot summer day.
   At least for my playlist...
   But it could be just the same for us! So I suggest you click "play" below and take a break from your eight-hour shift. And if you're wondering where to get this song, well, they're always on iTunes. ;)

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