FAN FICTION UPDATE: The Vampire Diaries - The Tryst, 26th Chapter

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    So I may or may not have been postponing to post this. But I figured that it's been a couple of months already, and I can't keep you guys waiting forever just because I couldn't seem to write progressively. I have to admit, I've been in a terrible writing slump, and although I've some ideas bubbling up in my mind, the delivery is always the hardest.
   In fact, yes, writing is hard.
   It's actually very hard, especially when you've created or you're writing extremely flawed and complex characters who have lived hundreds of years, with all of eternity ahead of them. The possibilities are endless. But unfortunately, this story isn't. And as much as I do thoroughly enjoy writing them for the past four years, I do have to finally announce that the reason why I have been in a writing slump all these months is because I have been working on this Fan Fiction's looming ending.
   I know.
   It pains me to tell you guys, too. ;(
   It seems so surreal now, to be honest, and maybe that's the other reason why I've been putting it off for quite some time. But apparently, I can't keep having this sort of painful, and saddening withdrawal. Though, fear not. This is not the last chapter. In fact, there are a few more chapters ahead. And I hope you guys will continue to be with me, until the very end.
   So without further ado, I won't delay you any longer. As always, click on the banner above to get to the chapter and read. I hope you enjoy it - as bittersweet as it all seems to be...

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