Fashion Friday!! - OUTFIT

   I know that I've been MIA for about a week now, but I'm back just in time to deliver to you today's Fashion Friday before the day even ends! ;) Apparently though, I was supposed to post this a week ago, but oh well... I'm here now.
   So last week, I was able to finally post the extension to my birthday, where my friends and I decided to go to an art exhibit titled, "Filipinos in the Gilded Age" at Leon Gallery in Makati. And since I was with Dane, I took advantage of the opportunity and asked her to take a photo of my outfit of the day (aka. #OOTD), which she gladly obliged right after our visit.

   Since we were just going to commute and I was feeling lazy, I decided to opt for this white, high neck dress that's absolutely one of my favorites in my closet at the moment. Then, I paired it with a pair of mandals from H&M. Lately, I realized how I've been leaning more onto those mandals, considering how I also get too lazy to wear boots or heels nowadays, lol. But then, to still look put together, I decided to add a bit of drama and pulled out this long cardigan from Forever 21 again and did my usual makeup of cat eyes with my favorite shade of Colourpop Ultra Matte lipstick in "Kae."
   As you guys know, I love layering clothes on, and surely enough, with the right piece and combining different proportions, you'll be able to make a simple dress look absolutely interesting... ;)

   So as always, I certainly wouldn't mind suggesting and urging you guys to go for a little drama, because even just a tad goes a long way! You can always dress it down with a pair of flats or mandals, or you can dress it up with a long cardigan - you can do both to strike a balance!
   I hope you guys have a great Fashion Friday, and have a wonderful weekend ahead!
   TGIF!! ;)

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