Music Monday!!

   I may or may not have forgotten to make a scheduled post for today...
   But here I am, trying to get this over and done with as soon as possible, so that you guys can enjoy some great tunes! And I have to say, ever since Shura finally released her debut album, "Nothing's Real" last month (whoa, I can't believe it's already August), I have been addicted to a few of her songs for weeks! Now, there are some favorites that are included in the album, such as "2Shy," "Indecision," "Touch," and "White Light." But apparently, I was more excited when I heard the whole thing and how it all played in this wonderful and carefully thought-out sequence; from Shura having a major panic attack, to ending up wanting to be abducted by aliens. And I don't know about you, but her tune just has this certain pizzazz that you wouldn't be able to deny. In fact, you'll probably fall head over heels for the album, too!
   My top two favorites - even if the whole album itself has been added to my all-time faves, lol - are "Tongue Tied" and "Nothing's Real." When I first heard them, I was more than in love, I was obsessed! After all, I have waited for a long time for this, and now that I've got it, I was to savor every moment of it. But there was just something about those two songs. I love that "Tongue Tied" spoke of this certain confidence within Shura, insisting to her significant other that she knows she already wants her, and she felt the same way. She said on Twitter that this was false confidence, but I just love how she tries to muster up that courage and being true to how they felt about each other. As for "Nothing's Real," well, it was a song about her experience being at the hospital for her panic attack. And although, I didn't have the same dire experience as she did, but I could very much relate. Other than the fact, of course, that it's got this '80s upbeat tune that makes you want to dance along.
   So if you haven't heard of her yet, you're missing out! And if you've been following this blog for a while now, I've already featured her several times already, so why haven't you? Lol. Don't worry though, you're not too late! Here are my faves below if you still need a bit of convincing...
   And have a Happy Music Monday!!

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