Music Monday!!

   I'm officially back for this week's Music Monday!!
   And can you believe how fast August has passed by? I've been quite busy since the past week, and really, this month seemed to be a big blur. But oh well... I do have to say that it's been an interesting and yes, quite an unexpected one.
   So a few months ago, the New Zealand music sibling duo, Broods had released their sophomore album titled, "Conscious." I was actually very excited for this because they're absolutely one of my favorites since I discovered their EP before they released their debut album a few months later, a few years ago. And apparently, if you have been following this blog for quite some time now, you would remember that I've already featured them for Music Monday then, too!
   I've mentioned then that they are one of their fellow Kiwi artist, Lorde's favorite band and have supported them since then. And she has continued to do so by co-writing their second single promo for the album, "Heartlines." I do have to say though that my top favorite would be their lead single, "Free." I could absolutely relate to what they have written, considering as they got sick of everyone trying to tell them what to write about next, and none of it seemed to work for them. That was until they have written that song and it turned out to be their first single. It's mostly about breaking out of the confines of a box that people or society dictate to you, and the pressures that come along with it. And I have to say, that this song too, cannot be any more perfect for my situation as well.
   As always, I've compiled all my faves below into a playlist to give you a taste. And if you can't seem to get enough of it, you can always get their album on iTunes. ;)
   So have at it below and I hope you guys love them as much as I do... Maybe even more.

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