Music Monday!!

   Second week of August...
   And yet, for some reason, there is always something about this month that makes me want to go into hibernation (just like last year, lol). My guess is that it's probably because sweater weather's starting, and we're saying hello to the much-needed rain. ;)
   So I've decided to bring you a song for us to chill to, while we stay under the covers with our noses stuffed into a book - which to me sounds like a very lovely afternoon. And I certainly couldn't care any less if you think that that's so introverted of me, because I actually am one! ;P But in what better way do I deliver a song to you than a fresh track from a new trio that hails from New Zealand, right? 
   L.A. Women, whose bio on Soundcloud only says "I was admiring her through a series of precision cut mirrors," had debuted their track "Hurricane Love" last May. And as I found myself scrolling through my timeline on Soundcloud - considering as how I was following a few labels and a few sites that solely shared music - I was absolutely intrigued when I saw this reposted by one of them. So I gave it a go, and apparently, the rest was history. I was in a love, and I knew I just had to have it on my playlist!
   I hope that this'll bring you guys comfort and maybe a bit of some sweet, sweet love, whilst in hibernation, because I'm certain you won't be able to get enough of this! ;)
   Have a happy Music Monday!!

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