Book Fair 101 - How Soon Is Now?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Book Fair 101

   As you all know (and if you didn't, then now you do ;P), tomorrow is the start of the 37th Manila International Book Fair! Every year, it's always such an exciting event that I just couldn't wait to go to, and apparently, this year won't be any different.
   Now, I know that I already posted my tips and tricks for going there on a post that I specifically dedicated when I went to the book fair last year, but I figured to post this separately considering as I wouldn't want you guys to scroll all the way down just to read this. It'd be such a drag. Lol. But yeah, these tips are harbored from my own experiences in the past, and obviously, you can just use it as a guide or something and make your own strategic twist to it, if you so wish, to make it a better experience for yourself. I certainly wouldn't mind. But either way, I wish you all a happy MIBF, and good luck!
   Maybe I'll bump into you guys along the way... ;)


  1. Prepare a list. - I think it's always convenient to know what you're actually looking for once you get there. So if you have been coveting some book for quite some time, now's your chance to find it and finally have it! Trust me, amidst all the chaos and the overwhelming excitement, it'll be more convenient for you. ;)
  2. Get tickets - You can get some from the internet, like from Adarna Publishing House's website, where they post their printable tickets and you can just print them (make sure to visit their booth, of course)! Or like I always do, I ask for some from FullyBooked's customer service and they'll give them to you, free of charge. ;) Otherwise, you can always allot 20php for your ticket there at the gates of SMX.
  3. Plan a day for it - If you can go on a weekday (since the Book Fair usually starts on a Wednesday and ends on a Sunday), the better. Why? Well, not only are you avoiding the vast sea of people (I don't know about you, but I'm not exactly all too much of a fan of crowds), but you're also going to breathe in the vast availability of stocks - especially the bargain sales - easier. Usually, on weekends, you'll run out of them (as I've experienced first-hand before), so if you really want to experience that overwhelming awesomeness of the Book Fair, I personally recommend coming on the second day - to avoid the first day rush - or on the third day, just like I did this year. If it can be avoided, don't come on weekends, unless there's a guest author or a program you want to catch.
  4. Come at an uncertain time - Specifically avoiding rush hours (8AM, 12NN, 5-7PM), You'll want to be there around 10AM - 4PM, and you'll avoid most people. This year, I went there around 6PM and it already swarmed with tons of people! 
  5. Wear comfortable shoes - Once you get there, not only will you be roaming around a function room, but three huge function rooms! So if you're used to wearing high heels, then fine. But if you aren't so confident in them, as much as possible wear flats or sneakers. Your feet will thank you for it!
  6. Don't forget to get hydrated - Bring a bottle of water, just in case you have not eaten yet. 
  7. Don't forget to eat - But as much as possible, try to have something first before you do go. After all, food is our fuel for energy, and once you get there, you'll need tons.
  8. Bring a powerbank - Just in case you use your phone as your camera, and of course, you don't want your phone to die while you're there! 
  9. Know where to find your books - When you do finally get there, make it your first aim before you go and roam around. And of course, know which aisle it is situated in, so that'll make things easier for you. Then refer to your handy book list.
  10. Ask customer service - If you have not found some of the books from your list, you can always try and ask the customer service. Maybe even give them your list! One time, I did that with FullyBooked's, and they sent me a text message which ones were available just so I wouldn't wait around. Talk about great service! 
  11. Allot time for yourself to relish it all in - Normally, I like to give myself an hour or so (two hours maximum) to roam around after I'm done shopping for some books. You'll find pretty cool stuff there in some booths. 
  12. Take photos - Remember what they say, if it doesn't have a picture, then it didn't happen! Record memories as much as you can!
  13. Bring a tote bag - If you're more than ready to shop tons, then save by using a tote bag instead. However, if you happen to be like me - who's fond of carrying a big bag all the time - then that'll be convenient as well. ;P
  14. *Optional* Bring company - If it's your first time, then it's definitely recommended (trust me, you wouldn't want to get lost there all by yourself). But if it isn't and you want to brave it all by yourself, then do so! Just make sure you do know where you're going, and you've prepared all of the above!
  15. Have fun - Whether you have found some of your coveted books from your list or not, have fun! The whole experience is what you want to take in, and having fun is a huge part of it, so make sure to do so!

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