Music Monday!!


  Another Monday...
   Since it's a national holiday today - at least here in our country, - I just wanna spend the day in bed. After all, by tomorrow everything's back to normal, and I want to relish in peace and solitude, whilst wrapped up like a burrito in my fleece blanket.
   Accompanying me as I try to chill, is this Toronto based artist, PLAZA's EP called, "ONE." If you remember, I actually featured him briefly for the last week of my "Summer Playlist" a few months ago. I also mentioned there how I was absolutely in love with his song "REASON" which has definitely been one of my favorites and is still included on my current playlist. So apparently, you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I learned that he finally released his EP just this month! And of course, you know I just have to get it!
   As always, I've combined my favorites in one playlist below. And I have to say, other than "REASON," I'm so addicted to "WATER." There's just something about the lyrics that he writes, other than the chill beat. It makes his songs sound fluid and rather intimate, that surely, you will feel some type of emotion from them. And that's what I love about him. I do hope to hear more from him, because with his talent and creativity, it does sound quite promising.
   Check him out below and get his EP out now!

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