When September Ends...

Memorizing a bunch of terminologies
   I know I've been M.I.A. in terms of posting personal posts lately, and as much as I'd like to say that my life has been rather mundane, I've been in fact, quite busy. I didn't expect it really, it's actually surprising how suddenly there was this huge shift that rocked my normal routine upside down. No more can I sleep at three in the morning, and believe it or not, my body clock has finally changed. And thank God, because I've waited for this for ages. Yet, I do confess that I still oversleep during the weekends, lol.
   Anyway, August was quite a whirlwind. It all seems so blurry now that I look back at it; with ups and downs, and sunshines and a few dark cloudy skies. But I'm glad to say, that by the time the month was nearing to an end, and I had engulfed myself into a state of devastation, considering the fact that there had been a possibility that I might not get into this short course I wanted to take and had been taking care of for the past few months; I was filled with nothing but dread. Yet, things had suddenly turned around, and my dread was replaced with delight and utter happiness.
   I got in!
   And so, for years that I've waited upon this grand moment of taking a step into the direction where I want my life to go, I was nothing but ecstatic. And although, the word "school" or the sentence that "I have school tomorrow" still does seem quite foreign as it rolls down my tongue; fuck that. After almost four years of being out of school, I surely don't mind getting used to that for a while. So yeah, basically that's what's keeping me occupied most of the time now. I could say it seems rather mundane, but I am actually enjoying this thoroughly well. I couldn't help but appreciate the joy of being there.
   Come September, it's just the same whole thing. Other than the fact, of course, that I went to the book fair - which is reserved for another separate post, lol. I've got tons of schoolwork to finish throughout the day, and it's been really fun. I mean, it's just a bit surprising in a way too, in terms of being in that kind of social environment again, but it is just a minor detail. And of course, I also feel like a zombie most of the time, considering how I need to be up by five thirty in the morning. It's crazy how that was just my bed time, then! Now, I can't even find myself to stay up until two or three in the morning!
    But through all that, of course, I wouldn't leave you guys with a post without my random pondering. After all, I did happen to have realized something... At least, how incredibly important it is to do something that you are passionate about - and not give up on it. How it changes your outlook and your overall happiness. I knew this, and have pushed for it time and time again. But to have it here now, I could definitely say it's priceless. It's like I could finally sigh in relief.
   You know, breathe some fresh air.
   The next thing I have to do now though, is to start formulating a plan for myself. And continue moving forward...

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