A Friday Evening - How Soon Is Now?

Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Friday Evening

November 11, 2016
11:34 PM

   Sitting out on a bench, people-watching...
   There they go, walking alongside of the sidewalks, purposely and leisurely to who knows where. It's sometimes a wonder what might actually go on in their daily lives. Are they as intrigued as I am about their own? Perhaps not.
   Somehow though, I feel both relieved yet dreadful all at the same time. I don't know whether I should revel in the fact that I'm only by myself, or whether I should be quite sad about this. Perhaps I'm both. As far as I feel as though I'm breathing fresh air, sitting under the inky black skies that somehow might also indicate the chance of rain, I also wanted to have company - at least before I socially withdraw myself when the weekend finally comes.
   After a stressful day, I couldn't help but run towards my version of Tiffany's, and taking a walk around it. It helped clear my mind - a way to regain some sort of sanity. From what exactly? I don't know. Perhaps from the humdrum of the fast-paced world. Perhaps it's a way for me to decompress myself. And apparently, the smell of freshly-cut grasses in front of me, that remain dewy from the rain, would help do that to you.
    Yet as minutes tick by, and a crisp breeze blows, the night might be young, but perhaps it's already time to end. As far as I'd want this clear-headedness to last, I'm afraid I'd have to go back to my neurotic, anxiety-driven ways of thinking - or the reality, so to speak. I don't want to face the music yet, but I must. And considering as how they're finally turning off the lights, it's an indication that it is indeed, time to go.
   With a heavy heart, and a goodbye to the cat aimlessly wandering around on the grass, I turn and leave...

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