FAN FICTION UPDATE: The Vampire Diaries - The Tryst, 28th Chapter

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   Took me a while, I know. But again, ending this Fan Fiction has been a bittersweet and a difficult process to do. Apparently, writing this particular chapter was no easy feat as well, but I'm glad that I'm finally able to finish it. This week though, we'll be celebrating our fifth anniversary for this. I'm absolutely grateful for all your ongoing support. And I promise you lot, that there will be tribute posts and everything, where I will be talking about my journey writing this Fan Fiction and writing these wonderful characters. Don't worry though... Of course, the few remaining chapters will be posted within this week and next week, so definitely stay tuned for that.
   For now, I leave you all with this, and I hope you guys love it!
   Don't forget to tell me what you think! ;)

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