Fashion Friday!! - OUTFIT

   I know this took me quite a while, but I'm totally back for Fashion Friday!!
   So last July, a week after my birthday, my aunt invited me to this Beatles Bootleg concert that happened in Resort World Manila. I thought that it was the perfect opportunity for me to don my new pair of leather pants from H&M, and so that was just what I did! I paired it with a black camisole top, and since the whole outfit I had on was tight-fitting, I figured that I should throw on this dark forest green, Men's jacket from Guess to make it more interesting. It's an old piece that was given to my aunt, and it's actually one of my favorites to borrow from her closet. Then, I also wore my lace-up, platform, ankle boots from Forever 21.

   I kept my makeup minimal, but I couldn't resist opting for the dark lip, lol. The cherry on top for the whole look, I think, was the choker. It was wonderful to channel my inner rocker chick again that's always itching onto the surface. Other than that, I actually enjoyed the concert even if I wasn't a Beatles fan. I know... Surprising, right? But it's always fun to be surrounded with good energy and great music. I can't deny the fact that I sometimes miss performing, as well.
   So yeah, I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend ahead! And I'll try my best to be back for next week. I know my posts have been sporadic lately, and apparently, I have to start allotting more time for blogging. Life just continues to intervene, s'all...
   TGIF guys, and have a happy Fashion Friday!!

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