Music Monday!! - The Revelation Series Playlist

   I did mention that in tribute to the fifth anniversary and the looming ending of my Fan Fiction, I will be doing tribute posts this week! And apparently, I'd have to start with today's Music Monday, where else?
   It was a few months ago, while trying to write one of the last few chapters, that I've suddenly felt inspired to make a playlist. But I assure you this is no ordinary playlist. This one is a set of songs that have inspired me all these years as I wrote along the way! As some of you might also notice, some of them I've used as titles or as quotes on some of the chapters, some are inspired for scenes between character interactions or from the characters' perspectives. It also sets a mood that would go along the whole series, and you might pick a few things here and there from these songs that would totally relate there.
   Most of these, however, are my all-time favorites. And I cannot tell you how utterly wonderful it is whenever I reach that eureka moment, wherein I get out of a writing slump and build momentum again. I hope that you guys will come to enjoy this as they tell their own story - not just with my Fan Fiction - but also as music itself.
   The countdown begins!
   Have a happy Music Monday!!

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