Music Monday!!

   And I'm officially back!
   Apparently, I've gone on an unexpected hiatus - not because I had anything particular going on, but just because life had continued to intervene. I've been quite preoccupied, and whenever I do have my downtime - like I've said on my previous personal post, I basically just do nothing. But whatever, I'm totally back now, since I'm going to make sure that I'll allot some time to blog...
   Hopefully, I'll managed to stick to that, lol.
   Anyway, my current playlist has been updated a few times last month. My all-time favorite bands like White Lies, Deap Vally, and yes, The Pretty Reckless, have been releasing their new albums, and I'm over the moon with all of them! So much so, in fact, that I relish in all of them! But perhaps I should choose one to feature first for this week, and I have to say that that would be White Lies.
   As you know, ever since I've started this blog, you might have heard me say more than a few times that they're one of my absolute faves and have featured them before as well. I have to say that it's their sound was quite lighter in this album called, "Friends" but they do have tons of catchy stuff there that I fell in love with. So below, since they have conveniently posted the whole album on their Youtube account, that's exactly what I'm sharing with you! My most favorites though have to be "Come On" and "Right Place," but then again, that wouldn't be fair because I just love the whole thing!
   So have at it below, and have a happy Music Monday!!

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