Music Monday!!

   I'm just not good at keeping up with my posts lately, huh?
   Yeah, I know. I suck for that. But here I am, trying to make up for the remaining weeks of 2016. How crazy is that? Crazy enough, that I've become much more preoccupied as the year finally begins to end.
   So anyway, for this week, I've promised to feature Deap Vally's new album, "Femejism." I've always been a fan of them since they began, and they're actually one of my all-time favorite bands. I don't know, there's just something so powerful to think that an all-female duo could sound this damn good! I do have to say though, that this album's a bit more playful than their previous one "Sistrionix," but it's still got the heavy rock-n'-roll that they're very much known for. 
   They weren't called the female Led Zeppelin for nothing!
   Without further ado, however, I'm about to dish some of the songs off the album that's posted from their official Youtube page. And if you can't get enough - because I bet you just wouldn't be able to - get their album on iTunes! ;)

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