Music Monday!!

   I seriously feel like a zombie since yesterday. I'm completely out of it, since I have this dreadful cold and I'm feeling under the weather. This is what I get for not having proper rest for two straight weeks, and I'm just completely exhausted... In general.
   Either way, I did say that I was going to be back, so here I am trying to do just that.
   So speaking of feeling like a zombie, one of my all-time favorite bands, The Pretty Reckless, released their third album, "Who You Selling For" last October. Imagine how ecstatic I was! After all, I did wait for two years for this! So apparently, I was more than happy to listen to the album and fell in love. I do think that they're getting better and better, and I just love that! I miss the rock-n-roll chick within me, and I'm glad to have it resurface again.
   I do have to say that my top fave would be "The Walls Are Closing In / Hangman." They've mixed in a bit of blues and classic rock into the whole album, so I ended up loving most, if not, all of the songs in it. So yeah, if you haven't heard it, you're absolutely missing out! Go on and have at it below.
   And have a happy Music Monday, zombies! ;)

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