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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Page 8 of 365: Fifth Blog Anniversary!

   It's only been eight days since the new year, and I don't know whether I should be surprised that we're celebrating this blog's fifth anniversary or what. I know, right? Isn't that unbelievable? Who knew it'd been this long?
   Well anyway, I remember missing this particular post last year. I don't remember where I was exactly - probably at work, and jumping from one place to another - but what I do know is that I was really busy and exhausted then. I was probably having some kind of an existential crisis then, too. So apparently, I do have to make up for this celebratory post. :)

Here's a celebratory champagne GIF from HIMYM ;)
    I just can't believe it's been five years, to be quite honest. I remember the day when I was merely turning seventeen and I decided to transfer here on this platform to finally establish a blog - or at least, to form some kind of an outlet. And apparently, if I can say so myself, I have done that. I've certainly grown for the past couple of years, learned a lot as well, and have continued to try and post even if life intervened along the way. I do have to say that as far as it dreads me that I've missed a couple of posts and I hardly have time to write nowadays, I'm glad though that it feels as if I'm actually enjoying life more. In other words though, just busy, lol.
   But fear not, I still want to take you all in the journey with me! So, for a moment that I found time to reflect, especially when 2017 arrived, I felt that I should probably change a few things around here. After all, I want to be more active on this blog and add a little more spice, so I figured that I'll write more personal posts and document my life more, even if I do think that my life has always been dull, and therefore, does not deserve to even be documented whatsoever, lol. Nevertheless, I realized that that would mean I would have to lessen my featured posts (i.e. Music Mondays and Fashion Fridays), from a weekly thing to only once a month now.
   Sounds like a good plan?
   Methinks so too. *Nods*
   Over the years, I've withdrawn more and wanted to be more private - or at least have this sense of control as to what I bring out into the world of social media, which affected how I post here. Now though, it's the same, only that I'll try to at least have more time to write and be more open to a few things here and there that I think would be okay to share. And speaking of writing, I know that I haven't exactly finished the Fan Fiction yet, when I promised that I would last November on its fifth anniversary as well. Unfortunately, I have one last chapter to write, the blasted epilogue, and I can't even finish it. I think I'm having withdrawal issues, lol.

   As for my reading update, I'm afraid I haven't finish a book in the past few months. Whenever I do visit Fully Booked (my little safe haven), I manage to pick up Brittany Cavallaro's "A Study In Charlotte." I'm half-way through the book all in one seating (it was that good!), and yet, I didn't even buy it. Lol. I might finish it soon though, after I'm done with all the other stuff that I need to do! In fact, I wish to be able to read more books this year, considering as I wasn't even able to accomplish my reading challenge on Goodreads last year. I was a few books short!
   I know...
   Anyway, before I do go and leave you on your lazy Sunday, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratefulness on your continued support for this blog! Sometimes, it baffles me when people or friends tell me that they read this. And truth be told, most often than not, I find myself wondering why I possibly go on with this along with my random rambling when nobody even probably bothers to read this either. In the end, I guess I just never cared. All I knew was that I wanted to always write. So if you have been on this journey with me right from the very beginning (in which I deeply apologize for and feel deeply embarrassed about my old anxiety-driven and teenage-angst posts), or if you have just begun to go along this rollercoaster ride with me, thank you.
   Also, I want to thank everyone who have continued to support the Fan Fiction, as well. You guys are the best, and it warms my heart every time to know that you've loved it as much as I loved writing it!
   There will be more to come for us. This, I assure you!
   So hold on tight, and as Margo Channing said in "All About Eve"....

   Happy Blog Anniversary to us!! ;) 

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