The Revelation Series: Tribute Post - How Soon Is Now?

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Revelation Series: Tribute Post

   It is bittersweet, I must say.
   I know this tribute post along with the last two chapters of my Fan Fiction has been long overdue, but it took me a while. As I've said before, endings aren't always easy - especially when it comes to writing. I had to think of three possible endings, one from the happily ever after, down to the realistic, then to the most tragic and fatalistic of ways. I happen to have decided upon one, worry not. In fact, I had to, obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this and telling you all that in the next few days, it will finally come to its end.
    But before I do so, I wanted to talk about this for a while, how this changed my life. Yes, perhaps a bit drastic in matters of the brevity of that statement, but I do assure that it is true. Having to start this at the mere age of fifteen going on sixteen, whilst the show, The Vampire Diaries (which is the root of all this madness, lol) was on its hiatus on their second season, I didn't really know what I expected from this. I actually posted a Fan Fiction continuation from the last episode before that hiatus, but apparently, when the show continued, I knew that I couldn't keep up with the creative minds of Julie Plec and the writers on the show. So I figured that I start something else, something that would have some sort of authenticity to it - or my own twist, so to speak.
   Then the rest was history.
   I created Elizabeth Rousseau for the love of the Original Family of Vampires, the Mikaelsons, and for the sole purpose of my love for strong female characters. And that was what I intended to do then; to create a female Klaus Mikaelson, someone who was of match to his power and abilities and personality, and possibly even greater. But all strength didn't come with weaknesses and vulnerabilities and yes, even insecurities. I wanted her to be all of these, yet also be oh so perfectly flawed in her own frustrating ways. She might not have Klaus's constant paranoia and hunger for power, because those she knew were one of her many strong suits. But she was very much afraid to let anyone in, to let anyone be one step ahead of her, and most of all, to love. She viewed that that was a human weakness, but really, it was her weakness that she knew of deep down. She has known lost, grief, and pain, and that was why she was also afraid to get hurt. Her humanity was a reflection of everyone's fears, only due to her immortality, everything seemed to have been amplified.
   And speaking of amplified, I realized that as I continued to write her throughout these years, that she was actually an amplified version of myself - only to the tenth fold, apparently. I was inspired by strong female characters that I've loved from other TV shows, who for some, might be found despicable or unlikeable, but I love them nonetheless. A few examples of the characters I was inspired of was Victoria Grayson from Revenge, which was where I got her signature cold and piercing gaze that could cut through glass. Of course, a few things here and there from Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl, and a bit of Margo Channing from All About Eve. Elizabeth had to be very intelligent, clever, cunning, and I think her constant sarcasm and mockery for everything she found to be below her showed just that. It was important that she considered herself as a queen as well, since she was supposed to be a match to Klaus. So, apparently, I also took inspiration from Queen Elizabeth I.

    Though, I always knew that she had to have some sort of history with Klaus, I knew that her future must be with Damon Salvatore. The man who constantly had to battle within himself, between wanting to be good and being bad - at least, with some purpose. But the thing was, my love for his character within the show and the books have always been consistent. In the books, he was way more despicable in his ways. He didn't want to be human; he embraced his true nature. While on the show, Elena literally was his "light." He wanted to be good for her, to be the man she wanted him to be. But then, in my own twisted story, he meets Elizabeth. He knew she was dangerous, that she couldn't be trusted, and that she was the very villain he would fight for Elena. But the chemistry between them was always there, since their initial meeting. Not because he fell in love at first sight, but because he was absolutely intrigued with her. Her past, her abilities, her strength and her wit, all were something he was strangely fascinated over.
   Though, he wouldn't necessarily admit that to anyone.
   So with her, Damon found himself embracing who he really was. He never claimed to be a good man. He always loved being a vampire. With Elizabeth, he found that she understood more of that aspect of his personality, in which she never made an attempt to change. She embraced her for who he was and what he was, and Damon found that absolutely liberating. He didn't have to live up to anyone's expectations. Instead, he found himself on the opposite side - from being the one who was always damaged and needed to be rescued back to feeling some shed of humanity, then to being the savior, to push Elizabeth out of her weakness. To let himself in, and let her see that it was okay, that he loved her just as much as she loved him, and how she should stop pushing him away or pushing her feelings away.
   But obviously, it wasn't always easy. And Damon had his own moments of frustrations, of wanting to give up. But he was never a quitter. When he loved, he'd make sure that he'd be there and do so without any bounds, which was what Elizabeth admired about him even if she sometimes found it to be quite idiotic. That was who he was, though. Determined, and impulsive. He might be an idiot, but he loved her and that was that.

   As for Klaus, I do have to say that his relationship with Elizabeth was a little more complex. Their history played a huge role which was why they always were drawn towards each other. They might not be related to each other as well, but she remained to be a part of his family, despite whatever it was that they've been through. And so, that history and familiarity of knowing each other so well, made them feel comfortable enough to always run to each other. They knew that they would always have them, even if they've constantly played games and betrayed each other for the sake of winning. But that was why Elijah was absolutely repulsed by this, of them choosing to remain together. He knew it was an excuse for Klaus to hold onto Elizabeth, to have some control over her and take advantage of her special ability for his own gains; while she continued to run away from her true feelings for Damon. It was unhealthy. It hindered them from their own growth by choosing to keep going through their destructive choices and behavior.
   All of these was what you saw play through The Tryst. I knew that after I've finished The Revelation and all their games had to be calmed down, that the next for the series would have to focus on the characters' internal behaviors and less of the outside conflict. It was more about their relationships with one another and within themselves, along with their inner turmoils. So that was why I took you guys into another hell of a roller-coaster, other than our beloved characters, of course.
   They needed it to have a breakthrough, and to establish character growth.
   Now, I want to thank all of you for your continued support for this Fan Fiction. It has been quite a ride, and life-altering in a way. I never expected that it would take me five years to write this, and if someone had told me it'd take me this long when I started, I'd be baffled. But that's the magical thing, wasn't it? I just never expected it to have some sort of end date. I just kept on writing and writing, letting my gut instincts tell me where the story and the characters should go, even if some storylines didn't seem to work. Still, this has certainly helped me improve my skill in writing, to explore more of my creativity, learn more about psychology in general, and helped me go through some of the rather tough times in my life as well. And without you guys, I probably wouldn't have felt so encouraged, felt so passionate about this - or have continued to be passionate about this, too!
   I hope that as we all end this together, you would come to love it, and feel fulfilled not just for the story or for your favorite characters/ships, but also for yourself for having to have waited for this for so long! Do feel free to let me know what you think! I'd always love to hear from you guys!
   As for me, I'll probably go through a major withdrawal state. I don't know about you, but I'll surely miss tapping into these characters' minds. There are simply no words...

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