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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Where Do We Go From Here?

   Societal Standards can really fuck you up, can't they?
   You get so much shit telling what you should do. what you should want, what you should see, what you should hear, what you should give, what you should receive, what you should be, what standards you should have, and the list goes on and on. We live in a world where everyone wants to dictate upon one another how and what life they should be living. You get tons of articles written on the daily basis regarding those things, and you see them everywhere.
   And it could really fuck you up into utter shit show.
   I know for myself that I've been fucked up with those things. I have expectations and standards, and obviously, who doesn't, right? But I think that since we've been fed on by those things too much, that it does affect our interpersonal relationships, don't they? We get disappointed (I mean, apparently, everyone does at some point) and when we do, we overlook some sort of understanding or compassion over one another as to why they couldn't meet up with our expectations. We overlook those with much selfishness, focusing too much on ourselves and what we want. Or more importantly, what society or everyone else thinks we should want.
   Sure, there are pros and cons to it. But as I've mentioned on my previous post, the world is filled with gray areas. With that, it requires much more compassion and understanding of one another. Everything is relative, after all, and sometimes we do tend to forget that.
   I'm writing this, not to dictate to you what you think you should do, or whatever. In fact, I'm writing this as a reminder for my neurotic, overthinking self. For someone who has a rather different "norm" than what everyone thinks normal is, who is different in matters of thinking and whatnot, I do forget that I should be empathetic - more so than I already am.
   And drown out all the noise, even if such noise is coming from my own mind.

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