Impending Doom - How Soon Is Now?

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Impending Doom

Some cake while writing this post...
   Sitting at a café - Café Mary Grace, to be exact - on a Saturday.
   It's definitely a rare occurrence, mind you. After all, I hardly go out on weekends, unless I really have to, as I've already told you. In this case, I'm out for groceries, and I figured to have some alone time for myself to allot some time for writing. Besides, my week totally sucked, and yesterday was just the cherry on top of a horrible-tasting cake. So yeah, I needed to decompress.
   Hello, introverted self.
   Anyway, other than particularly being stressed as fuck for the past few days, the coming week is something that I don't necessarily look forward to. It is my hell-week so to speak, but I do have a few things here and there that I couldn't help but be excited for. After all, next Thursday (February 16 - 19) is the start of the Art Fair that will be held at The Link in Makati - which is where they hold it every year. And for the past three years, I've been going to cherish Philippine contemporary art, and I'm definitely excited to see what my favorite artists' were working on this year. So yes, I've got that on my calendar for weeks now.
   But apparently, I must be forgetting something...
   Oh right.
   I don't know about you, but I've never been big on the whole Valentine's Day thing. I mean, sure, I've celebrated it with friends and with my mum, but yeah, I don't know, I never saw anything spectacular on that specific day. Perhaps you'd tell me that it's because I haven't experienced that "kilig" or thrill from a significant other, which is why I'm rather cynical about it. And perhaps I might just agree with you. But people specifically put such an emphasis or a lot of pressure on that particular day. Of course, we do have "Desperation Day" (February 13, lol) for that, as Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother said, but still... The whole ordeal seems to be quite stressful. The flowers, the gift-giving - I don't mind the chocolates, they're always welcome ;) - the "extra special dates," it's all so exhausting.
   I don't want to be taken out or be given something "special" just because a day requires it to. I seriously want some kind of sincerity or genuineness in it. Not that I'm saying it's all so fake, but I don't want something that society would just dictate upon you. Say, a hallmark card or a stuffed toy, that's a huge out. Or what about those articles telling you what to give or where you should take your significant other on V-Day? Yeah, that's another out.
   Though, it is a matter of preference after all. Some people like those things, and to each their own. For me, however, that's my whole take of it - but highly hypocritical of me. I mean, for someone who's actually and currently out to buy ingredients to bake some cupcakes. Not specifically for Valentines though, mind you. Just had to point that out.
   Then again, I guess I'm just as in it as everyone else, lol.
   I've been sucked into the deep end.
   Nevertheless, I'm certainly not expecting anything about that, given the circumstances I'm under. The only thing I do expect on that day is feeling nothing but dread. Okay, I sounded bitter there for a moment, but it has nothing to do with my so-called "love life." In all seriousness though, all I can hope for this coming week is that everything turns out better than I can hope for.
   So with that said, I'll keep my hands together.

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