Fashion Friday!! - CREATION

   The first for the year!
   I know. I've been so busy the latter half of last year that I've forgotten a few posts. Yeah, I suck for that. But as always, I'm here to make up for it! And there are simply no words about how excited I am to share this with you!
   You see, this isn't just a normal outfit post - thus, the other blog title above. But as I've mentioned on my previous personal post (if you've happened to have read it) that the reason why I had been quite busy was because I've taken a short vocational course in dressmaking. And therefore, I've spent an incredible amount of time painstakingly learning how to sew - both by hand, and by using an industrial sewing machine. I know! It sounds fun and exciting, which I assure you, that not only it was, but it was also quite challenging.
   Nevertheless, I was able to do a few things. Y'know the basic stuff like, blouse, a pair of trousers, shorts, skirt, and of course, a dress. Now, there might be only a few things that I may actually be proud of, but I do have to say that the most ones would be this dress and this crop top. It always feels amazing and quite fulfilling to be able to wear my creation myself.

Behind the scenes... 
   I've had a few inspirations for this dress, and ever since I saw something like this on my fave, Sara Donaldson, I've always wanted one. Now that I actually can make one, I finally did! It's an off-shoulder dress where the neckline's rather extended and could be folded into this look. After making this, it was only then that I've realized how you can play around with the neckline. It could turn into a cowl neck, and it could turn into a short-sleeved boat neckline, then into the folded off-shoulder. Three looks in one! Who would ever thought? It definitely took me by surprise!

   The last would be this crop top. I remember seeing this beautiful, felt fabric, that I immediately got my hands on and bought. I know, I kind of indulged myself a bit - though, it was rather inexpensive. I envisioned the fabric to look amazing on a dress, or a halter neck top. Instead, while I was out on a Friday night with my best friend, Dane, when we saw this girl walking with an over-sized, moss green, high-neck crop top. It looked really nice, and the fabric was similar to what I had, only mine was black, and I guess, that was what inspired me to make one myself!

   This certainly won't be the last time that I show you what I've created. In fact, I just finished one of my personal projects that I've been working on for the past few weeks! It's absolutely fun, and I always enjoy the creative process of it all. I guess that's just how it is when you're passionate about something... *Shrugs* ;)
   I also want to make a special shoutout and thank my good friend, Kim, who spared her time and took these shots for me! Sooo much love for you! xoxoxo ♥
   Have a happy Fashion Friday!!

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