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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Some Like It Hot... (I Don't)

   As my friends have made plans later on today to play board games, I however, remain to be stuck here at home. And the caprice to go out today has officially peaked, considering how summer is finally upon us, and I am absolutely dreading it.
   Sure, most of the time I'd choose to stay home on weekends. After all, it's my downtime to write here on the blog. But the vision of hanging out by a pool, sipping on margaritas while writing, seems such a lovely idea at the moment. Unfortunately though, the pools and the beaches must wait. My search for a good bikini that I've been coveting for quite some time now - well, as far as that can wait too, I just can't.
   I'm not a huge fan of summer, as you guys already know. I detest the scorching heat, and the blazing rays of sunshine; we're sweltering into this hellhole. Yet, here I am, with a cold glass of coffee, some Al Capone from J.Co Donuts, and a book that I got last Book Fair but I haven't gotten around to cracking it open until yesterday while I was at Fully Booked (as seen on the photo above), are all here for me to try to fend off the heat, to not much success.
   It's days like these that I wonder what else I could possibly do. Any effort of movement, you'd feel like this heat magnet, as beads of sweat start to form. And as much as I would like to continue my personal project - I'm making a leather skirt, which apparently, isn't all too "summer-y" - I just want to stay in one place, and sit here in front of my desktop, letting my hands do the work of typing these all away. I can't even think straight either, so writing this is actually taking me a while.
   Nevertheless, even if I'm not big on this whole season thing, and there are people out there who wish nothing but endless summers (eek!), all I want is a stay-cation with the AC on full blast, or a chill - slash - fun day, dipping into a pool or by the shores.
   Is that too much to ask?

P.S. Yes, the title of this blog post came from Marilyn Monroe's film, "Some Like It Hot." 

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