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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Constantly Evolving

At Holy Land, Baguio City
   In about a week, my life has made an unexpected turn.
   Well, at least that was a few weeks ago. Since then, I've succumbed into work and I've been absolutely busy. Other than the fact, of course, that I've been swamped with information, and my brain experienced a major information overload. It was quite overwhelming, but okay, nonetheless. I'm adjusting pretty well, if I can say so myself.
   I'm also quite exhausted. I haven't really gotten proper rest over the weekend, since last week was Holy Week. I had to go on a family trip for the weekend, and we decided to go to Baguio considering as it was my sister and I's first time going to the coldest city here in the Philippines. I do have to say that we enjoyed our stay there. It was definitely an exhilarating experience to be high up on the mountainside - the views were AH-mazing! - seeing the pine trees, feeling the crisp breeze, and yes, the market is absolutely one of my favorite spots there as well. We also went to BenCab Museum, and met the man, Ben Cab himself! Overall, my exhaustion was worth it, and I look forward to going back there to visit! I feel like I need to experience more of the locale itself, by going to whole-in-the-wall places and whatnot. Hopefully, I can go back there soon!
    Basically, that's about it. It's been both eventful yet, not-so eventful. And truth be told, I hardly expected that I would be immersed to work so suddenly. But of course, I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity, along with the fact that I'm enjoying it as well. Right now though, I can't even process anything today, since I still feel like a zombie walking. I can't begin to tell you how sleepy I am. There are simply no words. I definitely need to get some rest and catch up on some sleep.
   Until then... I'll get back to work.

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