Fashion Friday!! - CREATION

   My second creation post!!
   And unfortunately, it'll take me a while before I get to be able to post my next one, considering I'll be very busy from now on... 
   But let's talk about that later.
   I've mentioned on my previous Fashion Friday post that I was working on a personal project. Apparently now, I'm here to tell - slash - show you the last of it! Okay, maybe not the last one... But at least for now, until I finally get to find the time to do one again!

   I guess by now, you wouldn't be surprised that I decided to make a leather midi skirt. It's the only thing that's been missing in my closet, considering as my last one was ruined. So, when I was scouring for fabric around in Divisoria last October, I got myself and my friends at the corner-most part - of which place? I'm not exactly all too familiar where and what it's called, since it was my first time there after all. If you do happen to be familiar though, you would know that old building that have gazillion stalls that sell fabric. So anyway, there we were, and I found this stall that mostly sold synthetic leather. I found this slightly thick, matte one that was absolutely perfect! 
   Needless to say, the rest was history. 
   I bought three yards of it! Lol. 

  It wasn't exactly easy to sew, even if I used an industrial machine. One has to have the right tools for it (I won't get into the whole technical details), and unfortunately, the school and I didn't. But I was fortunate enough because I was given a few tips to be able to achieve this, andd I couldn't be any happier! It's definitely one of my works that I'm most proud of! Other than the fact that it's turning into one of my favorite pieces in my closet!
   A few days after I was finished sewing this, I couldn't wait to wear it! Since summer was finally upon us, I knew that wearing a midi leather skirt wouldn't be such a breezy feat. It is definitely going to be hot (both aesthetically and functionally, lol), so I paired it with a camisole top to balance it all out. To make it a bit sexy - slash - edgy for that ultimate feminine touch, I wore my strappy sandals from Hue Manila, and a nice choker as the cherry on top! I was feeling the '90s grunge vibes, all right! And so, to finish it all off, I wore this brown lipstick from L'Oreal Color Riche moist matte in the shade of "Chocolate Bisous."

   And there you have it! 
   I hope you guys loved this post as much as I enjoyed creating the skirt and wearing it! And as far as I would miss sewing, I had five straight months of doing that every day, so I guess it'd be appropriate to take a break for now. Although, I still have so many clothes I want to do and wear, and I assure you all that this will not be the last time!
   Absolutely not!
   Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend ahead, and happy Fashion Friday! 

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