Belongingness - How Soon Is Now?

Sunday, May 7, 2017


Breakfast At Tiffany's
   I always thought that the idea or that "sense of belonging" seemed to be absurd.
   But then again, everyone wants to belong in whatever place they may be. Though, apparently, it's not just limited to places. People want to belong to people as well - and that was the point when I always found it strange. After all, how could one possibly belong to another? Aren't we our own entity or selves? Haven't we always been a single individual all our lives? I mean, I also don't think it's quite literal either.
   Apparently however, as human beings, the sense of belonging is a need for us to survive. We form bonds or interpersonal relationships that constantly need nurturing with time and effort for it to last and be more profound. It is, in fact, in human nature to feel that certain necessity of wanting to be accepted and to belong. And in psychology, there is nothing wrong with people claiming others as their own - at least in the aspect of romantic love and as long as it is mutual. It affects our overall well-being no matter how much we could try and deny it.
   If you asked me about this years ago, I probably would've scoffed and rolled my eyes saying, "Fuck that. I don't belong to anyone but myself." And at the end of the day, that may be true. I took so much pride in growing both within and outside of myself, and being able to survive on my own - which was very much appropriate and significant in its own sense. But back then, I seemed to have an inkling of an idea of what was the true essence of its meaning, and apparently, I was just only thinking about it in a much broader sense. Now, I can officially say that I understand it better. At least, it confirmed my expectation or idea, and fortunately, I guess I wasn't wrong.
   Am I still scoffing or rolling my eyes at how ridiculous it seems?
   Not really.
   I actually relish in it.
   And yes, I even so much as like it.
   I have to admit, it was pretty hypocritical and shitty of me to even react in that way towards it anyway. It seemed as though I was ignorant, even if I already knew the idea behind it. And deep down, human nature still ringed true; I knew I wanted to belong - regardless of something, somewhere, and yes, even to someone...

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