A Decade and Two - How Soon Is Now?

Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Decade and Two

   This week had generally been favorable. Besides being slightly swamped with work, I think so far, it's been pretty good. My birthday passed by mid-week, and I officially turned twenty-two. Though, it's not that I found it unbelievable, but more of an overall relief, to be honest.
   When the week started, I had a simple celebration with the family here at home with my favorite Toblerone cheesecake - as per the photo above - from Cake2Go. It was pretty chill, considering as it was more of the fact that we were all together during that weekend that's important, since we were all busy during weekdays. Yet, I can't necessarily say that I had this huge celebration when the day came though. As always, I wanted it to be very simple. It was sort of just another ordinary day, since it fell on a Wednesday. So I was still at work, threw this pizza party during lunch (lol) at the office and had to attend a meeting - like business as usual. But when evening came, I was ready to be out and about. I had dinner with that certain someone; kept it very simple and intimate...
   Overall, it was wonderful.

My bigass Sangria; wine is lyf

   Now that another year had passed, and here I am looking back for the past few years and where I had been, I do have to say that I'm very proud of myself. I was able to push myself and finally overcome this huge breakthrough that I had gone so much stress, frustration, and pressure under. All that self-doubt, and making sure that I don't keep succumbing into my comfort zone or that abyss, has really paid off. Sure, nowadays I might be stressed at work, but I am genuinely happy of my progress and the fact that I'm learning a lot.
   I've realized that the moment when I decided to stop letting other people shape my life to what they think would be the best for me, was when I finally became courageous enough to push for what I really want. I knew when the new decade of my life rolled into the present that I had to make gigantic changes, both mentally and emotionally. I told myself that I was not going to let myself succumb into more self-doubt, or naysayings and opinions of others - ending up believing or listening to them. I've learned to shut the toxic shit out, and trust myself more and my sense of judgement and how I believe that I actually am (or can be) a sensible person.
   Most importantly, I've decided that I was no longer going to let myself live in fear.
   I feel so grateful and absolutely so blessed. Not only for turning another year older and hoping to be at least a bit wiser, but for the people who have expressed great love and continue to support me in every way - you guys are absolutely marvelous. I couldn't be any happier to have you all in my life!
   So to end this post, I suddenly remember that I was asked what my "birthday goal" was, and I answered "To broaden my horizons more." And it's true. I definitely think that I've still got a really long way to go. So many rooms for improvement, and I can't wait to soak them all in. To grow more as an adult, to be more nurturing to anyone and everyone, to excel more and maximize my potentials, and most of all, to be the best version myself.
   Here's to us and to another year of growth!

P.S. To my wonderful R, who has given me such great happiness that no words can express, and who continues to teach me how to believe in myself and to live my life the way that I want it to. This is to say how much I appreciate you for being my constant rock, for giving me strength and courage by supporting me in every way, and for pushing me to be what I aim to be. Thank you for being ever patient, considerate, understanding, and loving even if I drive you sooo crazy sometimes. Thank you for continuing to be wonderful despite how handful I can be at times. To many more birthdays to come for us. :)
~ xoxo, M ♥

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