Reboot - How Soon Is Now?

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


   By mid-year, I found myself wanting to re-vamp this blog.
   I felt like so much has changed in the past few years or so, and I literally wanted to declutter the things of the past that I thought should stay in the past, and should no longer be here. Among them, were my angst-y posts apparently, that's why I'm glad to tell you that they're officially non-existent.
   I just felt like I should make way for the new things, the more present ones that make me who I am today. Although, some of the posts that I thought were gems still remained because of course, not everything should be thrown away. But I also felt like there should be less post-"gimmicks" considering how I like the more "stripped down" version of my posts, in a way I express more of my ramblings.
   Although, there are still a few touches here and there that I plan on changing - like my blog's header image, or whatever - I know we're getting there. I just couldn't resist updating you guys why I've been gone all this time, and I assure you that it's not because I'm neglecting this, but actually planning on making it better.
   As for me, well, work has continued to intervene alongside life in general. I've officially been working for six months this October, and I'm very happy about that. There are so many more things that I'm looking forward to other than that of course, and for once, even if I'm still lost and unsure, I know everything's going to be okay.
  I'll be here more often now.
  I'm back, bitches. ;)

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