Yearender - How Soon Is Now?

Sunday, December 31, 2017


   The last night of the year.
   There is always something so melancholic about leaving an old year behind. Yet, the juxtaposition there is that the new year can be filled with new and exciting opportunities. For me however, I'm not exactly sure whether I feel more of the latter. I only feel jittery from the pressure and anxiety - which apparently, could just be taken as a different kind of excitement, lol.
   In this moment that I look back to what had occurred during the year, I find myself feeling lost for words. There were so many unexpected things that had happened, all of which I couldn't help but feel grateful and incredibly happy for. I had been given an opportunity that I had dreaded yet at the same time, sought for for the past few years, and it had been amazing. But with new opportunities come new challenges and new struggles, and so far, I must say that I'm grateful to be able to have handled them gracefully (at least, I do hope so). I've learned so much and I'm so happy that I was able to push myself out of my own little shell.

   If there was one thing when 2017 began, I remember telling myself that I should not let this momentum or pace that I'm going with to drop, and that I should continue straight on without holding myself back the way that I had years before. And I also remembered how I recalled that line of Sabrina (played by Audrey Hepburn from the film of the same name) in the GIF above and told myself that, too. This goes onto every aspect of my life, and so far, I'm definitely happy of the results.
   Although there are so many things that I wish for the upcoming year - which will arrive in ten minutes or so - to simply put it, as always, I wish for more growth, love, happiness, and success in any measure as possible. I want to continue pushing myself and be able to explore more by learning new things. I want to be more surrounded by love and be more nurturing of others. Last but definitely not the least, I want to continue being passionate about writing especially now that I've just started to again.
   My heart is filled with warmth for all the blessings I've been given this year. And so, as the festivities continue to go on and we welcome this new and exciting time for all of us, I'll keep it short.
   I wish everyone a happy and a prosperous New Year!!


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