ABOUT - How Soon Is Now?


Also known as MsDearlady 
Hails from the Philippines
Just a lady who's a loose lamb in a jungle, that the words she utters can either be meaningful or just plain gibberish.

How Soon Is Now is her personal blog which was created as an outlet where she could write down her ramblings, inner angst, and to basically record her growth as a woman and as a human being. The title represents a reminder that time holds much significance in everyone's lives, yet it's taken for granted - and also from the ever-famous The Smiths song of the same name.

Five years ago since this was made, she felt lost, uncertain, and impatient (and still might just be right now). Yet, she learned that going through a steady rhythm, having control of one own's ship, and focusing on the now can help her get anywhere and everywhere she wants to be.